Why and how I started this blog & website

August 12, 2014:

As someone who does better with post-it notes and index cards but wanted to start a blog, it will come as no surprise that I started here:

blog post its

I attended Netroots Nation in July 2014 in Detroit with a Democracy for America (DFA) scholarship and received a lot of valuable feedback about my blog concept and naming suggestions. I tested out a lot of words for blog titles:

blog title index cards


When I returned from Netroots Nation, I received even more feedback (thanks everyone!) and finally came up with my current title, “Divided No Longer.” I wanted it to be aspirational but not annoyingly so. I want it to allow me room for analysis of current problems but also plenty of space for working on solutions. Hopefully it will work!

I’d also like to note that that photo in the header is one I took while at Netroots Nation; we joined a protest against the water crisis in Detroit to demand an end to the water shut-offs.

One thought on “Why and how I started this blog & website

  1. Looking forward to reading more articles on your blog!


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