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NJ (my home state) is one of the most diverse states in the country but also one of the most racially segregated states, with one of the most racially segregated school systems. Because we’re in the North and so diverse, we tend not to examine the persistent systemic racism that exists in NJ. We rarely acknowledge that NJ was the last state in the North to hold onto slavery. We also rarely acknowledge the legacy of that history and its impact across systems and institutions throughout the state today.

NJ Social Justice Organizations

Systemic Racism in NJ

Slavery in NJ

When the history of slavery is taught in NJ, it’s often taught as something that happened somewhere else, far away in the South. What often gets ignored is that slavery happened here, in NJ, and this state held onto slavery longer than any other state in the North. As an educator, I believe we must raise awareness about this history and learn from it so we create a future built on racial justice. Below are a few articles and projects that relate to this history and its current impact:

White Supremacist flyers found in NJ, Spring and Summer 2018

In the summer of 2018, in the central and north Jersey area, we saw white supremacy recruiting campaigns using flyers and social media by two white supremacist groups. This is an important opportunity for us to speak out against racism and hate, but it’s also an opportunity for us to link these overt forms of white supremacy to the less overt daily forms of white supremacy that exist throughout our institutions and systems.

News reports

General resources

Immediate response if you see a hate flyer:

  1. Photograph it and take note of the time, date, and exact location
  2. Consider calling the police to report it
  3. If the location is privately owned (like a store or mall), report it to those authorities
  4. Report it to the Southern Poverty Law Center here https://www.splcenter.org/reporthate and/or the ADL here https://www.adl.org/take-action/report-an-incident

Local NJ actions

  • Post flyers on public bulletin boards that condemn hate and racism and provide info about reporting bias (create your own flyers or use existing flyers) – for example:
  • Work with local officials/local candidates
    • Consider Somerset County’s anti-hate resolution adopted 8/22/17 by Freeholders, R17-657, “Message about hate-based violence and hate crimes” available on page 4 here
  • Organize workshops, discussions, and action-planning
    • Invite ADL to do a presentation to your group or community
    • Organize a reading group/discussion of the book by local author, activist, RVCC professor, and Divided No Longer blog creator Karen Gaffney, Dismantling the Racism Machine: A Manual and Toolbox; invite her to do a workshop for your group or community (contact her at dividednolonger@gmail.com); review her blog with resources Divided No Longer