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I’d like to devote a page of resources to NJ, my home state. It’s one of the most diverse states in the country but also one of the most segregated states, something that doesn’t often get discussed. We have a lot of social justice work to do in NJ. This page is an ongoing work in progress that can identify resources, articles, and organizations specific to social justice in NJ.

NJ Social Justice Organizations

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Slavery in NJ

When the history of slavery is taught in NJ, it’s often taught as something that happened somewhere else, far away in the South. What often gets ignored is that slavery happened here, in NJ, and this state held onto slavery longer than any other state in the North. As an educator, I believe we must raise awareness about this history and learn from it so we create a future built on racial justice. Below are a few articles and projects that relate to this history and its current impact:

Systemic Racism in NJ