Resources on Critical Race Theory

Legal scholar Kimberlé Crenshaw is one of the founders of Critical Race Theory and Executive Director of the African American Policy Forum, which developed the #TruthBeTold campaign in the fall of 2020 to respond to attacks on CRT. These short videos from this campaign are a great place to begin to understand CRT and what’s going on today:

Check out the website for the #TruthBeTold Campaign

Read Kimberlé Crenshaw’s op-ed in the Washington Post (July 2, 2021): The panic over critical race theory is an attempt to whitewash U.S. history

Read Kimberlé Crenshaw’s op-ed in the Los Angeles Times (January 17, 2022): King was a critical race theorist before there was a name for it

In this short, accessible video, Critical Race Theorist Gloria Ladson-Billings explains Critical Race Theory (10 minutes)

This video reflects on the founding of the Critical Race Studies program at UCLA Law School more than 20 years ago and is a great way to see an overview of Critical Race Theory as well as meet some of the field’s founders:

This longer #TruthBeTold video is from December 2020 and does a great job of explaining CRT and its value more thoroughly: #TruthBeTold: The Destructiveness of Trump’s Equity Gag Order and What Biden Must Do Now (1.5 hour video)

UCLA Law School has had a Critical Race Studies program for 20 years. This video features Cheryl Harris, who published “Whiteness as Property” in the Harvard Law Review in 1993, which became one of the most significant texts of CRT. This excellent video features Cheryl Harris and other CRT experts:

This episode of Kimberlé Crenshaw’s podcast Intersectionality Matters was recorded during the August 2021 Critical Race Theory Summer School, which included discussions among several founders of CRT:

Crenshaw later recorded another episode of Intersectionality Matters focusing on how educators and students are dealing with the backlash to CRT (recorded Nov. 15, 2021)

If you aren’t familiar with Kimberlé Crenshaw’s theory of intersectionality, watch her TED Talk here:

The following insightful articles address the attacks on CRT in the summer of 2021:

New York Times columnist Charles Blow:

Salon writer Chauncey DeVega:

Critical Race Theorist Gary Peller:

Additional valuable analysis about the attacks on CRT:

Book bans (2022)

Additional resources:

Compiled by Karen Gaffney, author of Dismantling the Racism Machine: A Manual and Toolbox (Routledge) and creator of the website Divided No Longer

I also wrote an op-ed about the significance of the attacks on CRT:

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