Brittney Cooper in Salon: “America’s New Racial Low Point”

An insightful and moving article about the brutality of systemic racism:

America’s new racial low point: More crying black mothers, and tear gas on our dreams

I am emotionally exhausted. But it’s time to tell the truth about the scary, enraging times this nation confronts

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Charles Blow: “Frustration in Ferguson”

From an insightful column in the NY Times:

The frustration we see in Ferguson is about not only the present act of perceived injustice but also the calcifying system of inequity — economic, educational, judicial — drawn largely along racial lines.

In 1951, Langston Hughes began his poem “Harlem” with a question: “What happens to a dream deferred?” Today, I must ask: What happens when one desists from dreaming, when the very exercise feels futile?

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