Empower the people of Ferguson

The climate that prevents or discourages people from voting must change, including the structures of institutional racism. The right to vote must be real, not just on paper but in practice too, meaning no voter ID laws, no intimidation. It’s a crucial part (though only a part) of addressing systemic racism.

In response to:

Voter Registration in Ferguson Called ‘Disgusting’

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Brittney Cooper in Salon: “America’s New Racial Low Point”

An insightful and moving article about the brutality of systemic racism:

America’s new racial low point: More crying black mothers, and tear gas on our dreams

I am emotionally exhausted. But it’s time to tell the truth about the scary, enraging times this nation confronts

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Charles Blow: “Frustration in Ferguson”

From an insightful column in the NY Times:

The frustration we see in Ferguson is about not only the present act of perceived injustice but also the calcifying system of inequity — economic, educational, judicial — drawn largely along racial lines.

In 1951, Langston Hughes began his poem “Harlem” with a question: “What happens to a dream deferred?” Today, I must ask: What happens when one desists from dreaming, when the very exercise feels futile?

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